December 21st, 2012

Six or So Degrees of Judd Apatow

this is 40!

This Is 40 premieres today (sneak peek it below). Before you trudge over the hill, let’s play a game inspired by its writer and director.

Apatow produced Bridesmaids, starring SNL’sMaya Rudolph,
Who was knocked up in Away We Go,
Which was directed by Sam Mendes,
Whose latest is Skyfall, starring Craig, Daniel Craig,
Who’s married to Rachel Weisz, who’s up for a best actress Globe against Jessica Chastain,
Who unleashed her Southern accent in The Help,
Which also starred Emma Stone, our favorite abstaining high schooler in Superbad,
Produced by who else?

One more.

Apatow is the man behind Girls, starring Lena Dunham (who cameos in 40),
Who was the voice of the 911 operator in The House of the Devil,
In which Greta Gerwig had a small role under the direction of Ti West,
Who also directed The Innkeepers, which stars Sara Paxton,
Who got terrorized in The Last House on the Left by Aaron Paul,
Who stars opposite Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Smashed,
A role earning her a Spirit nom and pitting her against Return’s Linda Cardellini,
Who crushed on Franco in Freaks and Geeks,
Which was produced by? Yup.

Your turn.

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