February 11th, 2012

New York Fashion Week: Backstage at VPL

The Makeup: Tarnished yellow and purple on lids; tumeric and molton brown on nails.
The Hair: A low, slicked back ponytail hidden by a waterfall of hair over the top.
September 11th, 2011

New York Fashion Week: Backstage at VPL

Applying makeup backstage at VPL starts with a giant metal tank on wheels. Really.

1. Clean model’s skin with Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System and Intraceuticals.
2. Spray face with hyaluronic acid for five to seven minutes (this is where the tank comes in).
3. Admire youthful glow.
4: Apply makeup as if the face were a blank canvas.
5: Catwalk.

(Photo Courtesy of Clarisonic)

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