June 28th, 2011

Men in Short Shorts: Yay or Nay?

It’s summer, and that means two things: Legs. Our editors sound off on whether the short-shorts trend is just for the fairer sex or if men can get in on the action, too.

Yay: Men generally have more shapely legs than women (and less cellulite). Let’s see them.
Nay: Two words: leg hair. The fewer we have to see, the better.

Yay: Thighs that are full of power and class should not be hidden. See: Magnum P.I., Roger Federer, Daniel Craig.
Nay: We like a little left to the imagination. We’re classy like that and expect the same in a man.

Yay: Really long shorts remind us of high school boys, and we like to keep things legal.
Nay: We’re worried his, you know, boxers might hang out.

Yay: Short shorts demonstrate confidence and self-assurance, which is hot.
Nay: They can’t be comfortable for dudes. Imagine the anatomy involved in sitting down in those things.

You decide.

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  4. shopperseeks answered: Men should not have longer hair than me or shorter shorts.
  5. nomsandsuch answered: NAY!!!!!
  6. jenmaguire answered: Longer than fingertip length, please, boys!
  7. kristinandroosh answered: NO!
  8. fluffandnonsense answered: Um, no. Just no. Unless Roger Federer or Daniel Craig.
  9. lillelatte answered: done right, sure why not!
  10. goodluxx answered: nay … unless the are above the knee and the guy has great legs
  11. brandyland answered: No No NO! No men in short shorts. Ugh.
  12. dudesociety answered: Umm, there is definitely a happy medium… Some trim shorts that end just above the knee
  13. jnjackson answered: love short shorts! in a preppy, nantucket way.
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