January 23rd, 2013

Screen Play: Sundance 2013 “Escape from Tomorrow”

The Gist:
Disney World gets weird. What should be a fairy-tale vacation for Jim White and his family is actually a living nightmare (nagging wife, cat flu). Wackier than Wonka’s factory, director Randy Moore’s guerilla-style debut feature is stripped of color but saturated in sick and twisted tones. But that won’t stop you from LOLing.

The Stars: Roy Abramsohn; Elena Schuber; little bitties Katelynn Rodriguez and Jack Dalton; and two impossible-to-cast, giggling French girls.

The Buzz: Word is, it’ll never see a theater. The movie was shot on site without the theme park’s permission. So if it hits a film festival near you, see it before it’s put on ice like WD himself.

Photo Credit: Mankurt Media / Courtesy of Sundance.org

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