January 20th, 2012

21 Most Anticipated Films on Tap at Sundance 2012

Sorting through more than 100 indie films can be a daunting task. But it’s one we enthusiastically took on. Read on for picks we can’t wait to see and let us know what we left off.

Black Rock
Katie Asselton’s thriller about a girls’ weekend getaway will hopefully be more Deliverance than Sweetest Thing.

Simon Killer
Brady Corbet stars as a dark soul looking to heal his broken heart in the City of Lights.

We’re hoping for The Hangover ladies style.

2 Days in New York
Chris Rock rocks Sundance with a starring role in Julie Delpy’s follow-up to 2 Days in Paris.

Celeste and Jesse Forever
Rashida Jones co-pens the comedy about the perfect couple, which also stars Andy Samberg.

For a Good Time, Call …
Ari Graynor gets the lead in Jamie Travis’s film about two enemies in college turning into friends for life via a raunchy business venture.

For Ellen
Paul Dano plays a greasy musician struggling to get shared custody of his daughter.

The Rubber director puts his killer tire to rest and shows up with a story about a man who loses his mind while looking for his pup.

Hello, I Must Be Going
Melanie Lynskey scores the part of Amy Minsky, a woman who uses great sex with a teenager to get through the reality that she has to live with her parents again.

John Dies at the End
A pair of college dropouts take on the task of saving the mankind from itself.

Liberal Arts
Josh Radnor co-stars with Elizabeth Olsen Radnor’s second Sundance feature, this one about a bored 35-year-old man who finds excitement in a precocious sophomore.

The Pact
When Annie’s much-hated mother dies, the real nightmare begins.

Red Lights
Buried director Rodrigo Cortes surfaces again (as does Elizabeth Olsen) with a thriller about two investigators who expose paranormal hoaxes for what they are.

Aside from the ball and chain, married couple Katie and Charlie are bound by addiction. When Katie decides to go straight, they’re put to the real test.

The End of Love
A struggling actor stuck in his youth gets a wake-up call when the mother of his son dies.

Red Hook Summer
Spike Lee returns to his roots with a companion piece to Do the Right Thing. We hope anyway.

Robot & Frank
Just that: Frank Langella makes nice with a robot in Jake Schreier’s futuristic dramedy.

Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon are drawing crowds in the currency-market thriller, but we’re banking on Brit Marling.

Shut Up and Play the Hits
LCD Soundsytem. ‘Nuf said.

Wish You Were Here
Four people vacation to Cambodia, but only three return.

Oslo, August 31
Out of rehab for a day, Anders visits with old friends and family.

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